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Connected Intelligence™

Connecting you to smarter

Connected Intelligence™ enables your organisation to be smarter and work smarter. The smart decision to choose Connected Intelligence™ will be reinforced from day one of working with us.

We provide everything you need to get Connected Intelligence™ operational as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption to business as usual. Our process is shown below and typically deployment will take place 4 weeks from purchase. This takes account of usual availability of key people in organisations: so it can be faster if you need it to be.

Implementation focuses on the most pressing areas and the biggest wins, so in a matter of weeks you will be seeing benefits and saving money where it matters most. Our iterative approach enables Connected Intelligence™ to be implemented in stages, each with clear deliverables and at apace that suits you.

We provide continuous support and updates throughout the lifetime of your use of Connected Intelligence™ and services that enable you to change, improve and add functionality to optimise value to your organisation.

Improving Performance

Products & services to improve programme & project operational performance.

Project & Programme support

Our specialist team consists of highly respected thought leaders with hands on practical experience in designing and supporting Projects and Programmes.

We offer not only their services but also a number of unique and innovative services and solutions developed by them from their years of practical exposure.

This unique combination of the theoretical, innovative and practical enables us to help clients to improve delivery performance, increase profits & engagement and reduce costs and risk.


Winning Bids & Contract Execution

Connected Intelligence™ provides the critical oversight required by all stakeholders in complex project and programme delivery. It supplies a common platform for all delivery partners with controls and filters that ensure only the right data is shared with the right people in real-time.

It is fast, easy, non-disruptive & cost effective to implement. It reduces operational costs & improves performance. Its inclusion in bids and contracts provides a competitive and operational advantage. Clients also draw on our extensive experience to support them from pitch to completion to win and deliver complex bids.


Behavioural Optimisation

For many years, our team have been improving performance by focusing on transforming organisation and human behaviours.

We have condensed this hugely complex issue into one very simple solution: The Performance Loop™. Performance is optimised by focusing on improving the quality and speed of its 4 elements.

Implementation is modular so you can start small and expand over time. We recommend staring in the C-suite, ensuring a full understanding of its application & effectiveness.


Coaching & Mentoring

Do your project, programme& portfolio management need coaching or mentoring?

We have a great team of coaches who are certified to PCC (Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation) or equivalent. This means they are experienced and qualified, having a minimum of 750 hours of professional coaching. Their vast experience in the project, programme & portfolio management space combined with leadership expertise, from working with clients such as NASA, EDS, IBM & GE, means they are able to mentor from C-Suite down.


Operational Consulting

Consulting can be a bit of a dirty word. There are plenty of organisations with stronger consulting reputations than us for your usual consulting needs. If you want consulting that will result in expensive reports followed by downsizing, outsourcing, introducing complex and fashionable models or company-wide training interventions; we aren’t for you.

We offer practical, innovative solutions aimed at transforming the performance your business with the lightest possible touch and focused on delivering a return of many times the investment you will make in us.


And There's More...

We have products & services continuously under development. Currently these include:

  • Team Optimisation
  • Improving Meeting Effectiveness
  • Improving inter-personal communication skills
  • Assessing and understanding individual Risk Response under stress

We are seeking pilot clients for the above so if you are interested please get in touch.