The Challenge

Organisations utilise a mix of IT systems and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets scattered between teams to help run operations and projects.

This brings three broad, negative outcomes:

Higher Cost

Due to the cost of the manual effort required to collect and manipulate data.

Higher Risk

Due to lack of control, high error rates, no audit trail & gaps in the data.

Lower Performance

Due to decision making using data which is incomplete or days / weeks old.

Connected Intelligence™ overcomes this by transforming your Excel workbooks into a fully functional enterprise system and by connecting data from existing IT systems to provide a single source of truth.

Our Solution

Collect & Connect

Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and existing IT applications* connected together.

Single Source Of Truth

Collected data is validated and forms a Single Source of Truth.

Structured Data

In the world of Projects, data is structured into 8 key themes enabling best practice Governance & Controls.

Analysis & Reporting

Analysis and reporting delivers the right understanding, to the right people in real-time.


Reduced Effort

Expect >90% reduction in the effort required for manual data manipulation.

Reduced Risk

Better control, lower error rates, audit trail & complete data.

Reduced Cost

Significant project cost reduction.

Better Reporting

Faster reporting directly from the platform or via existing preferred tools.

Better Performance

Better understanding enabling better decisions by the right people.

Connected Intelligence™ keeps all the great things about Excel & addresses its well known weaknesses. Firmly kicking into touch the need to replace it.

Fast & Easy as ABC

No Disruption

No impact on Business as Usual.

No Training

Uses existing Excel skills.

No Delay  

Up and running in weeks.

Data Integration

Connected Intelligence™ (CI) seamlessly integrates:

CI + Your Apps

Capture data from Apps like Primavera, Aconex, MS Project, ARM and others.

CI + Microsoft Excel®

Connect Microsoft Excel spreadsheets & plug data gaps in Apps.

CI + Power BI® & Qlik®

Supply structured data straight into your favoured analysis and reporting tools.

CI + Microsoft Azure®

Compatible with client preferred cloud choice or operated on CI Amazon Cloud instance (AWS).

How do I get Connected Intelligence™?

CI is delivered by our experienced team. We've proven that deployment is smooth, efficient & fast and that it can be done remotely to global locations. More details here.

More Detail

Case Study

Global constructor gains real-time control of over 200 major projects in 35 countries across 12 business units in less than 14 weeks. All done without disrupting the workforce. Short case study here.

Construction Company Perspective

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Business Leaders Perspective

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Project and Programme Managers Perspective

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Business Change Perspecitve

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