Don’t kill off Microsoft® Excel®...
create an enterprise system with it.

Connected Intelligence™ joins together Excel spreadsheets & existing IT systems to create a single source of truth.

Over 60% of organisations still use stand-alone spreadsheets for planning and executing their portfolios. No PPM tool has displaced Microsoft Excel as the dominant tool as its familiarity and flexibility cannot be matched by the alternatives... until now.

With Connected Intelligence™ everyone is able to work from the same, complete, real-time information. Excel's strengths are enhanced and all its weaknesses overcome. Schedules, RAIDS registers, resource plans, dependencies, milestones, KPIs and dashboards are combined from spreadsheets and IT systems to form a live, shared, single source of truth.


Real-time reporting, 90% less effort

Up to the minute, trusted information is absolutely critical in making timely informed decisions, yet critical decisions are very often made without it. This is because of the time lag between the event and knowing about it due to the effort required to produce reports. One benefit of Connected Intelligence™ is live connectivity. It builds up-to-the-minute reports, directly from the data inside 100's or 1000's of Excel spreadsheets, combining them as they are being used into the Connected Intelligence™ data base in the cloud. Removing repetitive ‘copy and paste’ saves days of effort per month and enables real-time reporting by real-time data collection. Reporting can be done directly from Connected Intelligence™ or indirectly by data being fed into your existing and preferred reporting tools like Microsoft® Power BI®.

Spreadsheet Simplicity

Every Connected Intelligence™ workbook has consistent controls that synchronise it with the Connected Intelligence™ database. The workflow is simple: Login and press 'Receive' and your workbook is updated with latest data. Press 'Sync' when you are ready to share your work: You are in control  so, just like any other spreadsheet, you can complete your work and then share it  when you’re ready.

Connected Intelligence™  checks the data inside every synchronised workbook, so errors can be easily identified and corrected 'at source'.

But not all data needs to be synchronised. Work books can be augmented with columns  and additional sheets to meet personal and local needs.

Power Tools

Connected Intelligence™ adds 'Power Tools' to spreadsheets, enhancing the presentation capability of Excel, improving efficiency and workflow.

In this example of a Waterfall style plan, the Gantt Chart is drawn with a single click. Features such as % task completion and Work Breakdown Structure are included. The only input required is task name, start date and end date. This makes it very accessible for novice Project Manager's just beginning to develop their skills. The more experienced who work in Microsoft Project can import the entire plan into Excel with just 2 clicks.

Effortless Simplicity

You are working in Excel that when synchronised is saved centrally and shared seamlessly between multiple workbooks that totally eliminates copy & paste.
Anyone with authorised access to Connected Intelligence™ can synchronise their workbook anywhere in the world making the data immediately available, appearing in the workbooks of the PMO and all stakeholders, formatted as they need.

There is also the flexibility to share your workbooks, email them to a colleague. Just like any other Excel workbook they can see and edit it. and to do so, they don't need a Connected Intelligence™ account.


Engagement and adoption by users is essential as it is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of IT implementations.

Connected Intelligence™ side-steps this issue by embracing what people like and are used to: Excel spreadsheets. Excel has unmatched flexibility and familiarity and requires little to zero training. Connected Intelligence™ retains the ubiquitous, 'personal productivity canvas' that is Excel and transforms it into a joined up ‘enterprise system’. This avoids any of the usual pain of IT system implementation, and guarantees engagement and adoption by users.

Connected Intelligence™ Advantages

Real-time situational awareness for managers.
Progress, status, budgets, risk, issues, dependencies, resources and performance indicators.

Realise benefits in less than 2 weeks with no upfront purchase costs.

Fast adoption, easy to use ... near zero training.

Radically improve collaboration and project inter-dependency management. Build strong, cohesive teams.

Meet the differing needs of diverse internal & external stakeholders.

Very flexible, with customisation supported at 3 levels.
Personal changes in spreadsheets do not require any change controls.