Digitisation is transforming the construction industry

Constructors embracing new technology will beat their competitors. Connected Intelligence makes it a whole lot easier, even for busy leaders with limited budgets.

It's little wonder construction leaders and senior stakeholders roll their eyes at the thought of another IT deployment to solve their team collaboration and reporting needs. Despite the promise of eliminating 'troublesome spreadsheets', even the largest enterprise IT systems fail to deliver. Each adds another 'data silo' that makes it harder to get a simple joined-up view of 'what's happening right now' across many complex projects. Spreadsheets continue as the preferred choice for both adaptive reporting and workflow support from the coal face to the Board.

So how do you avoid buying an IT system to replace the spreadsheets? Use Connected Intelligence™.

Connected Intelligence™ is fundamentally different to the 1,000's of other planning and reporting solutions on the market today. It solves the problem of effective cross functional and cross organisational project planning and controls without the need for a disruptive IT deployment.

For the first time construction leaders and managers gain a real-time control centre to navigate their business and teams

Connected Intelligence™ connects data from enterprise applications, 'home grown' databases and Excel spreadsheets in real-time. This single-version-of the truth is securely shared throughout the organisation. Unique, bi-directional connectivity with Excel spreadsheets makes simple work of integrating any data that is not present in IT systems such as KPIs for HS&E, quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Connected Intelligence™ is focused on people, enabling faster, simpler workflows with clear insights. It is unique in accepting and embracing the preference of using spreadsheets, whilst eliminating the weaknesses. This gives users a level of continuity, familiarity and flexibility that is unmatched by any alternative.

Connected Intelligence™ technology enables rapid customisation to fit perfectly with the needs of all stakeholders

Implementation is designed and guided by our team of business and project professionals. They work with senior executives and stakeholders to ensure requirements and specifications are understood. However, this is a relatively quick and cost effective process. Connected Intelligence™ delivered an international deployment in under 4 months at a fraction of the cost and without the disruption of the typical IT deployment.

Getting started is easy

It's easy to get started with our proven process that fully supports cost effective, iterative deployment. We're confident that Connected Intelligence™ will deliver compelling value, even where organisations are already investing in large enterprise IT systems.


How £1.3bn constructor Ramboll Group, broke through a tough barrier to achieve >10% margin gain

Case Study Global Construction

Ramboll, like most well-run construction companies, aim to improve margins and sales. In 2015 they created a “Project Excellence” programme to improve the way they operated 100’s of major projects with a portfolio value of around £600m. Their objectives were to reduce costs and at the same improve performance, increase customer satisfaction and attract key talent. Ramboll was clear that the control of projects needed to work effectively at every management layer from the PMs to the Board, from Operations to Finance. The reasoning being:·                        

Governance and controls were carefully constructed, extending back to projects prior to contract.

Ramboll were left with one hurdle… the flow of accurate data critical to effective controls

The data required existed in IT systems and in many spreadsheets that could not be replaced. Blue-chip IT suppliers had tried but failed. In Ramboll there was a feeling that an insurmountable hurdle had been reached.

By the time we were introduced, they were adamant about avoiding a disruptive, risky and costly enterprise IT deployment. They did not want to lose the value in spreadsheets as these had been crafted to meet their precise needs and many contained data that did not exist elsewhere. This included KPIs and data around Change, Quality and HS&E.

However they wanted and needed to overcome the limitations of this approach: Lack of scalability, delayed reporting, significant manual data manipulation and continuous error correction.

Our solution

Connected Intelligence™ integrated data from existing IT systems whilst it retained their Excel spreadsheets and connected them together in “real-time” via a cloud database. This created a single version of the truth to which management at all levels were connected. The technology was shaped to suit the needs of Ramboll.

The project was delivered in 35 countries within four months and the deployment was described as ‘so smooth it was barely noticed’. Amongst the outcomes was a sustainable >10% margin improvement and an increase in  Customer Satisfaction scores.  Ramboll are delighted with the results, all the way up to the Group Executive Board.

Benefits measured by Ramboll

Sustainable group margin gains of ~10%

Elapsed time to build Board report pack reduced by 90%

Effort to maintain data quality and build reports reduced by 97%

From requirements analysis to live in 35 countries with full engagement in <4 months

200 projects covered

Benefits unlocked without an expensive and risky disruption

100% stakeholder adoption and team collaboration strengthened by broad value delivery and "barely noticed deployment". Controls and reporting moved to real-time.

Views, Graphics, Terminology and Workflows ... shaped to precisely meet needs

From Ramboll projects ...

Reporting at the project level, 100's of project, rich data presented and collected exactly as Ramboll desired. Fully utilising the strengths of Excel.

... to the Group Board

The Board pack is a live document. Presented in Excel. Updates in under 60 seconds with the spreadsheets live connection to the Connected Intelligence Cloud. Automatically publishes directly into PowerPoint™.

The Cloud data, stored in an Oracle database, can be used with Microsoft Power BI and just about any other analytics or AI technology.

What Ramboll say

David Glazier, Ramboll Senior Group Director

GLC’s unique approach to connecting people in multi-project environments captured my attention. I wanted to avoid the inherent risks of adopting yet another software application. GLC have delivered impressive results. Real-time status and forecasting are enabling stakeholders to make faster, better decisions.

Effective portfolio governance is contributing to continued improvements of our bottom line and providing an effective early warning system that allows effective decision making and timely mitigation of issues. I’m delighted this is a trend we can now continue.