Better Understanding, Better Performance

Connected Intelligence™ for better
business performance

Get real-time, cross-functional reporting and forecasting in a few weeks. No data warehouse and none of the usual collateral damage of IT implementation.

Focus on solving business challenges, not software implementation

Connected Intelligence™ technology is unique. It works with what you have and are used to using. It quickly makes it work better with minimal effort. Connected Intelligence™ implementation focuses on meeting the immediate needs of improving business-as-usual and at the same time provides the foundations to achieve future aspirations.
Because it improves operational efficiency and enables better, faster decision making, it saves far more than it costs and adds significant profit directly to the bottom line.

With Connected Intelligence™ everyone works from the same information. It joins together existing IT systems and Excel spreadsheets to create a single source of the truth. Excel's strengths are enhanced and weaknesses are all overcome. Spreadsheets mean local personalisation is easy, whilst the data is synchronised into a central database. Changes to working practices are almost imperceptible but the effect in business performance and capability is dramatic.


Connected Intelligence™ has unmatched flexibility and is easily shaped to your needs from day 1.  It equips you to get ahead of disruptive change and deliver clear real-time understanding to your leadership team and to all levels of management according to their needs. Receive up-to-the minute status on progress, risks, issues, KPIs, budgets and dependencies enabling better prioritisation, decisions and outcomes.


We've delivered tailored, global solutions with all stakeholders fully engaged in under 4 months with no disruption to business as usual and minimal client side work Our clients are seeing reporting efficiency gains of over 90% and the time to report reduced by over 70%.
That’s fast. But it can be faster.

As Connected Intelligence™ is modular it can be designed and deployed just to meet urgent and specific needs allowing you to start small and expand later. This way you can get the benefits you need now and add more as you go.


Engagement and adoption by users is essential as it is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of IT implementations.

Connected Intelligence™ side-steps this issue by embracing what people like and are used to: Excel spreadsheets. Excel has unmatched flexibility and familiarity and requires little to zero training. Connected Intelligence™ retains the ubiquitous, 'personal productivity canvas' that is Excel and transforms it into a joined up ‘enterprise system’. This avoids any of the usual pain of IT system implementation, and guarantees engagement and adoption by users.

Connected Intelligence™ Advantages

Better situational awareness: real-time
Progress vs targets, finance, status, budgets, risk, issues, dependencies, resources and performance indicators.

Saves a lot more than it costs: reduced effort and improved efficiency improve profits

Joined-up understanding: everyone working from the same data

No disruption, No training: Just engagement and adoption from day 1.

Better reporting: the right information to the right people in real-time

No ‘implementation slow down’: just acceleration for your business