The only way to battle the operational chaos from COVID-19 is to get the best, fullest understanding of what is happening right now.

Connected Intelligence™ enables any organisation to quickly and easily collect, analyse and share the data they need to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Even in the most pressing and critical situations Connected Intelligence™ delivers much needed insight, fast.

With only 8* hours input from you and 4 weeks from us, you'll be leading the fight to win the war.
* average time, varies by complexity

How it works

Connected Intelligence™ connects existing Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and IT systems & new spreadsheets deployed to capture new information. These are combined to form a real-time single source of truth that is analysed to produce understanding that is shared with the right people, at the right time, in the way they want it.

In James Bryant's blog 'Understanding the Elephant in the Room', find out why data matters more than ever and how a common mistake is exposing organisations to avoidable risk and loss.

Our technology has been proven to effectively tackle unique and complex business challenges by providing clear, up-to-the moment understanding to all decision-makers. In response to the chaos resulting from COVID-19 we've used our technology to capture the data needed to by organisations to fire-fight the challenges they face and to adapt to the 'new normal' as it emerges. Challenges like:

Staff Availability

People transition in and out of availability due to their health status and that of their family. Absenteeism may reach over 40%.

Resource Constraints

Projects have changing resource availability restricting their ability to deliver.


Reduced ability to deliver or loss of customers threatens to halt revenue.

  • Easy for all to adopt
  • Easy to adapt
  • Easy to scale
  • Fast to implement

Example 1: Workforce COVID-19 Impact

Example 2: Revenue COVID-19 Impact

Sustainably capture COVID-19 data from thousands of colleagues

Measure limitless KPIs that are fully relevant to your objectives

Protect the well-being of colleagues and the continuity of your business

Example 3: COVID-19 KPIs

More about Connected Intelligence™

About the Connected Intelligence™ platform

CI's COVID-19 capabilities are just a fraction of what can be achieved to improve operational and financial performance. A broader perspective can be found here.

How do I get Connected Intelligence™?

CI is delivered by our experienced team. We've proven that deployment is smooth, efficient & fast and that it can be done remotely to global locations. More details here.

Connect everyone at every level

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Global constructor gains real-time control of over 200 major projects in 35 countries across 12 business units in less than 14 weeks. All done without disrupting the workforce. Short case study here.

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Proven Value

We have a proven track record of enabling organisations like Lloyds Banking Group, IKEA AB and Ramboll Group A/S  to get  truly data-driven with minimal effort in extremely short time-frames.